Lets Gets Started

Let’s Get Started

  • Get pre approved Financing from a financial Institution or Mortgage specialist. . http://www.exitrealtynl.com/images/mortgage-doctors-logo.pnghttp://www.exitrealtynl.com/images/logo-canada.png
    • *If your home is ener-guide 80 you may be eligible for a mortgage discount. http://www.google.ca/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgQMrCY0tSdg_-f_eVAq0QzwmIV_lMKi52Yte1Z4mps7IHhi1Kl-bZ4KU
  • Call our Agents!!!
  • Choose your Subdivision
  • Choose your lot and meet with our agents to select your plan.
  • Write a purchase and Sale agreement.
  • Make your deposit.
  • Construction begins.
  • Choose your selections
    • Siding & Trim
    • Size of Patio Deck (standard 10*12)
    • Cabinets
    • FlooringAward Flooring Inc
    • Paint
    • Lightinghttp://www.mcloughlansupplies.com/uploads/1/1/2/2/11224440/1339082460.png
    • Plumbing Fixtures ‚Äď Standard or Upgradehttp://www.emcoltd.com/templates/emcocorp/images/logo2.gifJames G Crawfords logo
  • Once the exterior of your home is framed and interior partitions are complete, you will need to complete your electrical walk through. This is to select and understand the type and placement of lighting, outlets or data wiring if applicable.
  • If you wish to have a waterline ran for an icemaker, ensure your agent is aware. This must be known at the plumbing stages.
  • The next stage is insulating your home.
  • Once insulated, the home is dry walled, plastered and painted.
  • Pending your flooring selections, the cabinets and flooring is installed.
  • Home Owners may view the home throughout the construction stage. The client must be accompanied by an agent and give sufficient notice to the Builder/Agent of the same, to ensure the site is clear of any construction debris, that may cause harm to the client in any way.
  • Your home is registered with a 7 year Atlantic Home Warranty. Atlantic Home Warranty


If a New build is not for you, our Sales Agents are determined to find the right home for you, Existing or New!